Before you get a search for a location for a wedding, it’s good to identify the wedding as desired, whether indoor or outdoor, or maybe it can be semi-outdoor (for safe weather).  Especially for weddings in Bali, because the geographical form in Bali is different from other regions, so we must make different arrangement depend on the area terrain. There are cliffs, beach, jungle, and there are also parks that mostly flat.  Let’s review, for what we need to consider  before preserving a wedding venue. We will talk about  the view, location and traffic.

Good View, Good Location, and Good Traffic

Bali is an archipelago area, automatically the geographical location is different from big islands. There are areas with high plains such as cliff, automatically needed extra power to climb the stairs and there are quite a lot to in the reception location, maybe this location for those of you, who have guests or families who are old age or have health problems to avoid this kind location.  Maybe you should consider location with garden view or perhaps beach view, which tends to be flat land and easily accessible by guests and family in attendance.

For the garden view , the terrain is flat, but often the garden view is below expectations, because the sunlight is not exactly the fall in the venue. One of the reason many people want to get married in Bali is the  the scenery of a sunset. They (especially foreign tourists) deeply idolize Bali because the scenery is highlighted sunsets. You need to arrange the time to get sunset time, so for blessings in Bali it is always carried out before sunset. For locations in the garden often many of them cover by trees and miss the moment. Here are a few trophies to choose the cliff (even though it is difficult to reach) or choose the beach (even if you don’t want to beat it).

The location for a wedding in Bali, is quite far from city and airport.  Therefore, most of the villa or hotel in Bali build large enough area with great view and accessible for transportation for their selling point.  We must think about the location of the wedding venue we choose., bee sure that around the venue location is a record with google map (for location search convenience for guests), mini market facilities, small hotels (two or three stars) that can accommodate guests who attend to reduce your costs for sure, custom transportation is easy for the city center (because they don’t provide special transportation for each guest), and some of them will be discussed in the next article. So don’t miss.

Bali is one of the biggest tourist destinations in the world, which makes tourists who come to stay longer, not even a few foreign tourists who have a villa or a place to live in Bali. Tourists are multiplying, coming it automatically street in Bali has more and more vehicles, more and more people, more and more food in the  recent years, Bali experienced congestion on the roads protocol or the road that many of the majority of tourists arrive.

Be careful with your wedding venue, because with congestion their existing greatly affects the timeliness of starting the event. Make sure that your wedding location is free from traffic and choose your location for your guests that is not always aware of the location of your marriage. Although the shuttle provided, if there are traffic, it will affect your event schedule.