Why Bali ?

Because it has almost everything, it can offer from stunning Hotels, Resorts, and Villas, very rich local culture,
lovely beaches for sure, mountains, rain forest jungles, lively restaurants, remarkable cliffs, and rice paddies at Ubud.
With all Bali can offer you have the wedding you always wanted from a sandy beach, on the edge of remarkable cliffs, rain forest decorated jungle, on the middle of rice paddies field, pool side with ocean view, wonderful chapels, amazing villas, from affordable to high end,
it’s all possible depend with what you desire.

As I mention before not only people in Bali are friendly, but also you have tons of option for accommodation for your quests.
You can find USD 80 for decent hotel with pool and breakfast, having a great time close to the beach. Moreover, local online transportation
are available and cheap, you also can rent car, motorbike, local tour, or you just want to relax in Kuta beach with USD 10-20 massage
and couple bottles of local beer. People are mostly can speak little English since Bali have been one of the most popular tourist
destination and they are very helpful with foreigner. However, especially for foreigner if you want to buy in traditional market you need good bargain skill.

The Hotels, resorts, and villas have beautiful scenery spots for a wedding. One of the resort in Jimbaran have 8 spots for Wedding
and they mostly full during weekend. You can dream what kind of tropical wedding you desire and actually having it. Moreover, there are many chapels with amazing scenery. 

The Bulgari Resort Bali is one of the most sought-after wedding sites on the island, thanks to the photogenic qualities of its venues,
which include a reflecting pool that allows the bride to appear to walk on water toward the cliffs edge, and the worlds first Bulgari
wedding chapel, featuring local stone and handcrafted floor-to-ceiling glass panels. Ayana, the largest resort in Bali, has literally dozens
of venues, including Sky, which juts out some 115 feet over the sea, and the dramatically shaped all-glass Tresna Chapel, which has a
see-through aisle over a flowing river and can seat 80 guests in its air-conditioned confines. At the Conrad Nusa Dua, the Infinity Chapel
is the place to book. Its asymmetrical, ultramodern architecture features marble walkways, steel-framed glass, and reflection pools, and it floats more than 6 feet above sea level, enveloping guests in blue all around.